Wardrobe Organisation

Wardrobe organisation is at the heart of Practical Princess, the place where it all began thanks to a tried and tested formula which promises to make you fall back in love with your clothes. By re-working the clothes you already own, you’ll find it easier to get dressed in the morning, and detoxing out some pieces can take away the denial by encouraging you to confront your clothes, making your wardrobe capsular and appropriate for your lifestyle. The Practical Princess team will ensure everything in your wardrobe works together in harmony, meaning you’ll wear 100 percent of the items you own.

How It Works

  • An initial consultation allows the Practical Princess team to understand your wardrobe and lifestyle before editing, organising and rearranging the items in your closet
  • With your help they’ll work through your wardrobes, editing out pieces you no longer wear, and allowing you to try on items as you go
  • Opt to rest your off season clothes in Practical Princess’ storage system for a while, to make more room in your closets
  • Wardrobes will be cleaned and polished before items are placed back in a new orderly manner, categorised by different garments for each occasion
  • Elika’s close relationships with London tailors and re-sale platforms means she can alter pieces which may no longer fit, and sell on any items you don’t use anymore