Clothes Storage

When Practical Princess first launched, the biggest issue that clients faced was lack of space in their wardrobes. This quickly leads to over-crowding and disarray, and ultimately makes putting an outfit together very difficult. The team introduced the Practical Princess storage facility, the perfect solution for space saving. By resting vintage collectables, sentimental heirlooms, or off season pieces you will restore the order in your wardrobes, and make way for newer pieces. The Practical Princess storage facility provides a safe and reliable home for your pride and joys, even while they are out of reach.

How It Works

  • The team will help to decipher pieces in your wardrobe which perhaps aren’t used frequently, categorising them into themes such as occasion wear, special items or off season collections
  • Pieces will be named, numbered and photographed before being hung in breathable moth-protective clothes bags and taken to the storage facility
  • You can opt to receive a catalogue of your items to have a visual record of the pieces you have stored
  • Recall an item from storage whenever you wish, and the Practical Princess team will deliver it to your door in no time
  • Storing your items is also very sustainable - many of us get ‘fed up’ of our clothes because we see them day-in, day-out, but by removing them from our wardrobes, it’s likely we’ll fall in love with them all over again when they’re re-discovered