Elika Gibbs is the founder and director of fashion organisation service Practical Princess. Alongside her team, she quietly-yet-confidently redefines the rules of wardrobe and home organisation, offering bespoke services that are uniquely tailored to each individual client.

Whether it’s organising wardrobes across the globe, personal shopping for events and the newest season’s buys, or assisting on turn-key house moves, Practical Princess promise all the luxuries of complete organisation with none of the stress.

The story started in 1997 when Elika opened the doors to her fashion boutique, Bodie & Gibbs. Nestled in the side streets of Belgravia, Bodie & Gibbs allowed women to hire evening gowns and jewellery for upcoming events. With great success came great opportunity, and very quickly Elika found herself styling returning customers who admired her unique eye for fashion.

Elika’s long standing involvement in the fashion industry is evident in the unfussy, professional nature of Practical Princess. From modelling since the age of 16, to opening Bodie and Gibbs, styling and organisation seemed like a natural progression for Elika and with over 35 years’ experience in many avenues of fashion, she is more than well-equipped. Elika works closely with the Practical Princess team, all who have invaluable experience in the fashion industry also.

Today, Elika and the Practical Princess team have learnt to recognise the needs of their clients, often at first glance, and can determine the ins-and-outs of a job instantly from a quick consultation. It is the personal and unique service of Practical Princess that continues to make it thrive today, and many clients have gone on to become more like friends.

During her time styling, Elika often found that her client’s wardrobes were unorganised and overflowing, making it difficult to put an outfit together. With the belief that we should all love and care for our clothes, combined with a necessity to be able to visualise and access all of our clothes with ease, Practical Princess was born.

As the success of Practical Princess has blossomed along the years, the team have listened to the changing landscape of the industry and altered accordingly. What originally began as a wardrobe detoxing and revamping service over fifteen years ago, has now evolved into something much, much more. Recent additional services include jewellery and clothes cataloguing, home and office organisation and assistance packing and unpacking, be it for lengthy trips abroad, moving house or just a weekend away.

The success of Practical Princess has been recognised by the likes of Vogue, Tatler and Harper’s Bazaar, and continues to be appreciated by its clients, both old and new.

Elika’s debut book, Practical Princess: Perfect Wardrobe, was published in 2011 and celebrates her love for all things fashion. The formula to a well-organised life, Elika explains, is different for each individual. “It is not just to give you a boutique like feel to your home and wardrobe or to warm the hearts of the OCD, it is about being able to see what you have got and more importantly what you don't have.” Read More.

Practical Princess is the destination of all things style and organisation, and is always on hand to help with whatever you may need. Get In Touch.