Costume Styling

This service has recently been introduced due to increased demand from existing customers, who found themselves relying on Elika’s stylish eye to plan outfits for upcoming occasions and themed events. The team are knowledgeable on high fashion brands, key trends and personal styling and their close relationships with tailors and designers allow them to put together the perfect look from head to toe. Previously, they have styled looks for Burning Man Festival, a Medieval themed weekend in the country and fancy dress inspired milestone birthdays.

How It Works

  • Firstly, the team will discuss your criteria and what occasion you are attending, before noting key details such as sizing, style preferences, budget, time-scale and how many looks you will require
  • Next, they will work closely with boutiques, designers and retailers to pull together the perfect look for you, from wigs to outfits, accessories and jewellery
  • You will be presented with a range of ideas and inspirations, before deciding on which perfect pieces you’d like to purchase for your occasion
  • The team can also provide packing services, should you be travelling to a location whereby you need your looks planned and prepared in advance