Staff Training

The work that the Practical Princess team do is unique and special, a formula constructed after years in the industry which is what makes their service so desired. However, some of their wizardry ways and special tips can be shared with you and your staff to ensure the upkeep of your house, wardrobe and other key areas remain in good condition even when they’re not around. The service is perfect for those who manage multiple homes and wish to have the sparkle that Practical Princess provide throughout!

How It Works

  • The team will come and spend a day with you and your staff, passing in their knowledge of home and wardrobe organisation and teaching you their methods for keeping up with a perfect living space
  • Learn their key tips and tricks, including cleaning your wardrobes, wiping down your shelves and drawers, and folding everything from your socks to your underwear
  • They’ll share with you how to make the most of their products, how they recommend folding using templates, and which essentials you should use to prevent moths
  • A service which promises absolute integration between you and the team, ideal for those who want to keep their wardrobes and homes in tact between visits and seasonal changeovers