Home Organisation

The home organisation service developed as a natural process from the existing Practical Princess services. Clients recognised Elika and her team’s talent for organisation and restoration and began to request their services in other areas of the house. The aim of home organisation is threefold, to ensure everything is easy to find, easy to access, and easy to maintain for all members of the family. This is a wonderful service to maximise space and avoid re-buying items you may already own, as well as being beautifully pleasing to the eye!

How It Works

  • The team will begin by taking a look around your spaces and discuss your aims, desires and needs for different elements of the house
  • Items will be cleared out of their existing places, cabinets will be dusted and polished and your possessions will be reorganised back into their new homes
  • You can decide if you’d prefer to be present throughout the process, or leave the team to work their magic
  • Many clients work alongside the team, helping to decide which items they wish to keep and editing out those which are no longer required
  • The perfect service whether you’re moving in to a new home, wanting a good spring clean, or simply aspire to have a showroom style home