Turnkey House Moves

It is completely normal to be overwhelmed when moving house, the process often flies by extremely quickly and it can be very easy to feel out of control in these situations. While professional moving companies guarantee a quick service with reliable staff, sometimes an extra pair of eyes and hands goes a long way in easing concerns about your possessions. Practical Princess will work alongside your moving company, overseeing everything from box packing to safe transportation and unpacking the other side.

How It Works

  • The team will begin by packing your current home up with precision and organisation, labelling boxes so they’re easily discoverable on the other end in your new home
  • Boxes will be organised by contents, area of the home, and packed in neatly to ensure that unpacking is as easy as possible
  • They’ll assist in personally moving special boxes with sentimental value should you wish, before following your moving company to your new home
  • Upon arrival at your new home, items can easily be removed from boxes and placed into cupboards and drawers quickly and without stress
  • Should you be relocating abroad, the team also offer independent, international services, and their trustworthy method also doesn’t require you to be present during the move