Styling And Looks

If you often find yourself in front of the mirror, back and forth to the wardrobe with no idea what to wear, this service could be exactly what you need. Many of us have a large selection of clothes, but can struggle when it comes to styling and pulling outfits together. Practical Princess takes the stress out of getting dressed by creating complete looks with the items you already own. The team will work with the items in your wardrobe, adding accessories, shoes and bags to your clothes, creating refined outfits for you to view wherever and whenever.

How It Works

  • To begin, the team will look through your wardrobes to detect basic items you may be lacking, or that you have plenty of
  • Should you wish, they will spend a day personal shopping for the pieces you don’t have to ensure your wardrobe is complete and ready for styling
  • Next they will spend time working closely with you to create outfits you love for all elements of your life, be it work or play
  • Looks will be photographed and can be uploaded to an online platform or printed out in physical format, allowing you permanent access to a catalogue of style inspiration
  • The team can also continue to log your looks, should you wish to keep track of when and where they have been worn before