Cataloguing is an efficient way of keeping track of your clothes, jewellery, shoes and accessories through a permanent visual record. The team can curate beautiful coffee-table style books displaying your items, or perhaps opt for a digitally accessible version instead. Bringing an entirely new element of organisation to your wardrobe, cataloguing allows you to view your clothes at any time without physically looking through your closets. This service is perfect for those with multiple homes, overseas wardrobes and is also a saviour for insurance purposes!

How It Works

  • The team will work through your wardrobe, jewellery and accessory archives; bagging and numbering each item systematically before taking photographs
  • Next, they will begin to produce your unique catalogue, arranging pieces according to garment eg. evening gowns, day dresses, knitwear
  • You’ll have the choice of a physical or digital catalogue, or both dependent on preference
  • This is a wonderful service that aims to make it easier to see your collections clearly and concisely
  • Also works well alongside storage services, should you wish to keep record of items you may have chosen to store away