Bikini Bags (pack of 5)

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  • Bikini Bags (pack of 5)
  • Bikini Bags (pack of 5)
  • Bikini Bags (pack of 5)

Bikini Bags (pack of 5)

Swimwear / Bikini Bag Description:

This is a lifesaver on holiday as well as a great way to organise your swimwear. At home, you can be sure you have both pieces together and ready to go.

As you leave your holiday / your morning swim / your hot yoga class, tuck your damp bikini into this luxury, clear plastic, zip-lock bikini bag and you can put it straight in your bag or suitcase.

Swimwear / Bikini Bag Features:

  • Suitability: Swimwear, bikini, handhold luggage liquids, electronics, small items

  • Shape: Square pouch

Swimwear / Bikini Bag Pack Size:

  • 5 bags per pack

Swimwear / Bikini Bag Specifications:

  • Colour: Clear

  • Width: 190mm

  • Height: 190mm

  • Materials: Plastic with zip-lock closing

  • Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth using water only

Price: £18.00


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