Shoe Label Software

Shoe Label Software

Shoe Label Software

Shoe Label Software Description:

A unique piece of software designed especially for you, this is the template for your shoe drawer labels. Unbelievably easy to use, all you need is a digital camera, computer and a printer.

Having photographed your shoes and uploaded the resulting images, simply select and name your photographs and print out on the shoebox labels which are included.The programme is foolproof, universally easy and should you get stuck, you can always call us.

These will change the way that you store your shoes forever more!

Shoe Label Software Features:

  • Suitability: Windows PC only

Shoe Label Software Pack Size:

  • 1 user per programme

  • Includes 5 sheets with 4 labels per sheet - total 20 labels

Shoe Label Software Specifications:

  • This product is supplied on disk

How To Photograph Your Shoes:

Price: £10.00


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