Skirt Hanger (pack of 10)

Skirt Hanger (pack of 10)

Skirt Hanger (pack of 10)

Skirt Hanger Description:

Coloured in bitter chocolate brown.A beautiful and secure clip skirt hanger.

The rubberised grip function holds even the heaviest embellished skirts and leaves a linear and cohesive flow in your wardrobe.

Skirt Hanger Features:

  • Suitability: Adult skirts, culottes, ties. Children’s skirts, trousers

  • Shape: A metal bar with moveable clips and rubberised protective coating to hold skirts and trousers

Skirt Hanger Pack Size:

  • 10 hangers per pack

Skirt Hanger Specifications:

  • Colour: Bitter chocolate

  • Width: 305mm

  • Height: 125mm

  • Materials: Chrome head and metal cross-bar with clips which are coated with a heavy duty polypropylene plastic coating

  • Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth using water only

Price: £15.60


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