Over many years of working in the fashion industry and life throwing me a few curve balls Practical Princess was born. I have developed a formula that I use on a daily basis and have done so for over a decade. 
The formula is personal and unique! The wardrobe organisation is not just to give you a boutique like feel to your wardrobe or to warm the hearts of the OCD, it is about being able to see what you have got and more importantly what you don't have.  
By having a wardrobe organised by garment type, colour coordination and making sure you only have the relevant season in your wardrobe it allows it to be streamlined and functional. By doing this you know that everything in your wardrobe fits, is current and relevant to your lifestyle, allowing you to create more inventive looks and pushing your wardrobe to its maximum capacity.  
After I have done this process for a client I am able to quickly indentify the missing gaps in their wardrobe and identify why they are not wearing hidden gems that usually don't have a soul mate. With a practical shopping list I am then able to source things that they will need to make their wardrobe more conducive and hard working!  
On personal shopping days I will visit various stores around London such as Harvey Nichols, Matches, Liberty, Bluebird and also independent boutiques such as Donna Ida and Biondi. Not forgetting the great high street - I am a secret Marks & Spencer fan! I preselect items that are relevant for the client I am working with and take everything back to the client's house for them to try on or alternatively I use one of the personal shopping suites in store.
The last part of my formula is the look book. Here I mix the new pieces with the old putting together various outfit options for their day-to-day and social life. Depending on who the client is I also dress people for events whether it is red carpet or a business tour. This catalogue is shot on a mannequin, created digitally and produced in hard back so that the client can easily remember what goes with what. This helps to take the stress out of getting dressed!
In my early days of doing wardrobe organisation I always struggled to find the right hangers, shoeboxes and storage solutions to give my clients that dream effect! If you can't find it make it so that is exactly what I did! I now produce a complete wardrobe organisation accessory range that includes a family of five hangers that are kind to the clothes, non-slip and space effective. One of the hangers is mouldable to fit perfectly for the garment to prevent pointy shoulder. The hangers also sit on the same level so not to cause an undulating effect within the wardrobe.
Combined with this, I was lucky enough to be approached by Ryland, Peter & Small Publishers to write and publish a book under their publishing house in various different languages. 'Practical Princess Perfect Wardrobe' has put the luxury of wardrobe organisation in everybody's reach and on the map!
Every day is different for me as I continue to work with a myriad of clients worldwide, all with different requirements, wealth brackets and age groups. Due to this I create bespoke packages for the individual based on my trusted formula and their requirements.
Practical Princess continues to expand and grow with our own specialist storage centre, used primarily to store client's off-season clothes or archive pieces that they wish to keep safe! 
I hope that Practical Princess can bring the enjoyment back into getting dressed as we always feel better when we look our best!