Photographic cataloguing is an easy way to store clothes and accessories that you are not using in your current wardrobe.
Not always do we want to sell or give away items not currently in use. This is a great way to keep a visual record of what you have, whether for insurance purposes or to quickly locate and retrieve items. 
This service has been born out of a myriad of our clients' needs such as: 
  • Limited wardrobe space.
  • Archiving is made easy whether it be in an attic, in the spare room or under your bed.
  • Multiple home owners so clothes can be located and moved easily.
  • People in the public eye who need to keep track of what outfits they have worn and to which event. 
How the catalogue is used:
  • You will always have a CD of your images.
  • We also offer a book available in soft or hardback.
  • Images are numbered and attached to your personalised dress bag to correspond with your catalogue, great for offsite storage.