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Personal Princess

Practical Princess offers a range of different personalised services and each job is planned to meet your specific individual requirements. Please call us on 0207 371 0276 or click here to email for further information or to arrange a consultation.

Wardrobe Organisation:

For clients who prefer a maintenance-led service, where all your clothes are re-hung, shoes and boots photographed and boxed, important pieces archived and jerseys and tops template folded and colour-coordinated. This is a bespoke service which will be discussed with you at a consultation to determine what exactly you will need. We do, however, guarantee that your wardrobe will end up looking like your favourite boutique, and you will love your clothes again.
Wardrobe Renaissance

A Personal Princess will come to your home and go through your wardrobe piece by piece with you, helping you clear out what doesn't work and showing you how to make the best of the outfits you have.
Wardrobe Renaissance1
Personal Shopping

The ultimate luxury is personal shopping with Elika, filling in the gaps in your wardrobe, or finding outfits for a special event. While obviously covering all the designer labels, Elika is also a keen advocate of high street shopping enabling your budget to go further, and your wardrobe to grow bigger.
Personal Shopping1
Archive Photographic Catalogue

Photographic cataloguing is an easy way to store clothes and accessories that you are not using in your current wardrobe. Not always do we want to sell or give away items not currently in use. This is a great way to keep a visual record of what you have, whether for insurance purposes or to quickly locate and retrieve items.

This service has been born out of a myriad of our clients' needs such as:

Limited wardrobe space, archiving is made easy whether it be in an attic, in the spare room or under your bed.
Multiple home owners so clothes can be located and moved easily.
People in the public eye who need to keep track of what outfits they have worn and to which event.

How the image is used:

You will always have a CD of your images.
We also offer a book available in soft or hardback.
Images are numbered and attached to your personalised dress bag to correspond with your catalogue, great for offsite storage.
Archive Photographic Catalogue1
Attic Attack

Attics are often dirty, dusty and consequently unused. Practical Princess will clean up your attic and transform it into an ideal storage area for anything from Christmas decorations to archived clothes, all in clearly labelled, neatly arranged plastic boxes.
Attic Attack1
Turnkey Moves

Moving house is bad enough, but when you are confronted by endless boxes containing random items (a computer lead, the dog's bowl and 3 pair of jeans for example) the stress levels can go through the roof. Practical Princess can take all of that away from you. They will organise the packers, supervising each and every box, and then unpack everything the other end so that it all makes sense. Imagine the heaven of going away while someone else does all the work, and then arriving at your new house to find everything beautifully unpacked and organised, down to the last details. Even your safety pins all put together in one place and your fridge filled. All you need to do is open a bottle of (already chilled) champagne.
Turnkey Moves
Playroom Organisation

Often the straw that breaks the mothers back, Practical Princess will sort out all the toys and arrange things in such a way that even the messiest of children will be able to tidy up.
Playroom Organisation1

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